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Dyalog Ltd invites students

Отправлено 10 апр. 2015 г., 01:11 пользователем Pavel Belousov   [ обновлено 10 апр. 2015 г., 01:12 ]
Dyalog Ltd invites students worldwide to put their programming and problem-solving skills to the test by using any APL system to develop solutions to ten questions and solve a series of problems.

If you love a challenge and learning new things for fun then why not take part in the seventh annual APL Problem Solving Competition?
You could be the winner of one of 43 cash prizes totalling $8,500, including a grand prize of $2,500 and a trip to Sicily, Italy to attend the next Dyalog User Meeting in September 2015.

The competition is open to both students and non-students but only students are eligible to win the prizes.  For the rules, eligibility criteria and to enter the competition, go tohttp://www.dyalogaplcompetition.com/.

If you know any students who might be interested in participating, then please recommend this contest to them.

The deadline for submitting solutions is 16 July 2015 and the winners will be announced on 10 August 2015.

Good luck and have fun!